Proact IT Group AB - Code of Business Ethics and Conduct

Statement by the Board

Proact is an international company operating worldwide, and located in 15 countries with different laws, cultures, values and traditions. What unites us, besides our long-term goals of profitable growth, is that wherever in the world we operate, we are committed to conducting business not only in accordance with the law, but sustainably, and in accordance with our shared core values of integrity, commitment and excellence.

The principles set out in this Code of Conduct are based on our core values, and underpin every aspect of doing business at Proact.  They define the fundamental ethical standards that we expect of everyone who works for Proact - including our contractors, suppliers and partners - and are a part of all business planning and decision making within the Group.

Proact’s reputation is very valuable and is the collective responsibility of all those who work for us, regardless of their position.  Ethical behaviour also makes good business sense.

The Board of Directors is therefore fully committed to this Code and expects all those who work for Proact to follow it.


Anders Hultmark
Chairman of the Board
13 July 2016


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This Code of Conduct sets out the following 16 fundamental principles of ethical behaviour expected of all those who work for Proact.  More details on these principles and how they are applied are found in the Proact Compliance Handbook as well as in Group policies and the policies of our subsidiary companies.