Proact Code of Conduct

Proact is an international company located in 15 countries with varying laws, cultures, values and traditions. Wherever the company operates, Proact is aware of and respect public concerns about the impact of its activities, which places high demands on its daily operations. At the same time as Proact endeavours to live up to the long-term strategy for profitable growth, Proact is also committed to contributing to sustainable development by honouring its social and environmental responsibility and conducting business in an ethical way. This means that sustainability and business ethics are integral parts of its business plans and decision-making processes.

The Proact Code of Conduct is part of the common platform for Proact’s way of doing business and it shall guide all Proact Group employees in their daily work. 

The Code of Conduct is a set of policies and rules, which forms the basis for Proact’s management systems and the continuous improvement of financial, environmental and social performance.

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