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Strong revenue development and the eighth consecutive quarter showing improvement in profits

The company has reported higher profits compared with the corresponding quarter in the previous year for the eighth consecutive quarter. Profit before tax amounted to SEK 23.8 million, representing an increase of 39% compared with the same quarter last year. Profit development is one of our primary focus areas, and I am very pleased to see that our profits have improved yet again. 

The company’s total revenues increased by 36% throughout the quarter and amounted to SEK 617 million. We are active in a very interesting market, where information growth is still high and new technical fields are constantly being developed. The rapidly growing parts of the market are frequently new technical fields in which Proact is traditionally prominent thanks to its role as an independent specialist in its focus areas.  Some parts of the market are also demonstrating strong financial growth, such as “All Flash Arrays” and “Hyperconverged Infrastructure”, with growth levels of 275% and 162% respectively according to IDC. 

Total revenues for service operations have developed well and amounted to SEK 226 million during the quarter, representing an increase of 18% compared with the same quarter last year. Revenues for cloud services amounted to SEK 72 million during the quarter, representing an increase of 33%. System revenues have also developed positively during the quarter and amounted to SEK 390 million, representing an increase of 49%. The excellent growth in the field of system sales will have a positive impact over time on the company’s contracted revenues as systems sales are one of the factors which help to increase support revenues. 

We are constantly working to develop the company according to our established strategy. Part of the company’s strategy involves increasing the proportion of contracted revenues such as cloud and support services, while another element of the strategy involves increasing revenues in respect of data centres. We have implemented a number of customer projects in the Software Defined Data Centre field throughout the quarter, which involves customers receiving a software-based infrastructure providing enhanced efficiency and scalability. At the same time, this is a vital cornerstone in the implementation of private cloud solutions. 

Our ability to help our customers to minimise risks and reduce costs, and also to supply flexible IT services and products, places us in a strong position on the European market, thereby giving as good opportunities for continued positive development in terms of both earnings and profits.  

Martin Ödman

CEO and President


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