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Proact and Amazon Web Services

Proact and AWS: A proven combination for cloud integration

Download the partnership brochure here (PDF).

Proact is one of the first AWS Partner Network (APN) members to achieve AWS Storage Competency status, illustrating our deep-rooted expertise and knowledge when it comes to recognising the potential of the AWS cloud and how it can be used as a catalyst for digital transformation.

Together, Proact and Amazon Web Services (AWS) can seamlessly integrate public, private and hybrid clouds into a single, unified and automated IT environment. Combining Proact’s expertise as a cloud integrator with AWS’ advanced technologies and global infrastructure, we can facilitate efficient cloud adaptation and migration.

Proact and AWS can offer mix and match infrastructure to meet the business, governance and technical requirements of all your workloads. We provide cost effective, flexible, secure and low-risk cloud deployment, delivering, supporting and billing your solution through a single point of contact.

Here at Proact we accept that one size doesn’t fit all, and using our legacy of delivering cloud services, we let you choose an optimal blend of on-premises and hosted infrastructure to suit your specific needs. Proact can support the full portfolio of AWS services.

Why choose Proact as your AWS provider?

Proact has solid experience when it comes to deploying and managing complex blends of private and public cloud services. Our implementation models can be directly applied to accelerate your cloud strategy; we follow several key steps:

  • Roadmap: Proact’s business cloud alignment knowledge helps identify the right workloads to be migrated to AWS platforms.
  • Service design: Proact designs and delivers an optimal AWS platform for your organisation.
  • Transformation and migration: We help transform and migrate applications and data safely to the AWS platform.
  • Integration: We aim to reduce the risk and complexity associated with delivering a hybrid cloud service through integrating vital IT functions with AWS platforms.
  • Optimisation: Proact helps optimise billing, usage and performance to ensure your environment is running on the right platform, at the right time, in the right price.

Key benefits

Multi-cloud integration

Take full advantage of on-premises, private, hybrid and public cloud integration to enable a true multi-cloud strategy.

Business cloud alignment

Rely on Proact to identify and map workloads to the best-suited cloud. Our mission is always to “use the right cloud for the right job”.

Reduced operational risk

Make it easier to maintain control of information security, cost, governance and compliance.


Transparent policy enforcement to control resource location, data storage and transfers.

Secure, controlled migration

Proact offers a complete set of services for assessment, planning and migration to AWS.


Find out more benefits by downloading the partnership brochure here (PDF).

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