Pure Storage

Proact & Pure Storage – all-flash storage for virtually any workload

Pure Storage accelerates what’s possible, transforming businesses in ways previously unimagined. The company’s software-driven, all-flash storage, combined with a customer-friendly business model, drives business and IT transformation through dramatic increases in performance and efficiency at lower costs. Proact and Pure Storage have the skills and tools required to transform your data centre.

Proact has delivers 100s of storage transformations each year, managing over 100PB of customers’ data. We have a unique perspective on the storage market and by collaborating this view with Pure Storage’s innovative approach, we can power growth and profitability by transforming your IT.

Pure Storage solutions

As a Pure Storage partner, Proact can help you access storage solutions, including:

  • FlashStack – brings together industry-leading components from Cisco and Pure Storage to form a converged infrastructure that can shorten time to value.
  • OpenStack – provides all-flash performance and reliability for the OpeanStack cloud. Increase storage efficiency while simplifying deployment and shortening integration times.
  • Virtualisation – use FlashArray to accelerate and consolidate every workload, maximising the potential of virtualised applications.
  • Hybrid cloud – with Smart Storage, you can automate connectivity and configuration in your hybrid cloud while maintaining high security, control and privacy standards.

With Proact’s prowess in delivering business agility, and with Pure Storage’s proven technology and excellent support, you can achieve productivity and creativity within your organisation that you didn’t even know was possible.

Proact & Pure Storage - a track record of success

Proact is Pure Storage’s only FlashStack Authorised Support Provider in the EMEA. We have a proven track record of highly satisfied customers due to our unrivalled storage and data management skills.

We were the first of two Authorised Support Partners in the UK and have advanced knowledge of this technology. This means we have the expertise required to realise the potential of Pure Storage solutions within your company. Additionally, Proact is a Pure Accredited Installer.

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