Pure Storage

Economical all-flash storage for virtually any workload

Latest News: Proact are the only FlashStack Authorised Support Partner in the EMEA. Read more here.

Pure Storage provide all flash arrays ranging from 40TBs to 250TBs and have a strong reputation for reliability which is backed up by their support offerings. Pure claim that the highest spec array can deliver up to 200,000 32K IOPS and up to 7 GB/s bandwidth.

Each Flash Array is powered by the Purity Operating Environment which is storage software designed 100% for flash. This software includes Pure Storage services such as FlashReduce, FlashProtect, FlashRecover and FlashCare. These services provide deduplication, compression, always-on encryption, replication, snapshots and thin provisioning.

Pure Storage also provides the ‘Love Your Storage Guarantee’ for all workloads, all administrators and all budgets. If the promises of Pure Storage don’t match your results, Pure Storage will work with you to fix it or will allow you to return the kit for a full refund. Click here for more information. 

At Proact we have delivered 100’s of storage transformations projects per year and manage over 70PB of clients’ data – this gives us a unique perspective on the storage market. On top of this, Proact have also spent over 12 months assessing the flash market, understanding the unique selling points that each vendor brings.We can work with you to understand if Pure Storage is suitable for your requirements, and if so, we can supply a range of flash based products and solutions. 

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