Accelerate your business with Tegile’s all-flash and hybrid storage solutions

Tegile provides companies across the globe with either all-flash or hybrid storage arrays, both multi-protocol and designed to deliver in-line, de-duplication and compression.

The Tegile All-Flash Array delivers compelling economics for latency-sensitive, business-critical enterprise workloads such as online transaction processing, real-time analytics, decision support and data-warehousing. The All-flash arrays feature high-density, enterprise solid-state drives designed to support applications that require extremely high performance at low latency for extended periods of time. 

Tegile Hybrid Flash Storage Arrays deliver a perfect balance of data management, performance and economics by providing a flexible amount of high density flash solid state drives and metadata accelerated high density hard disk storage. Tegile can replicate to un-like arrays – therefore an All Flash Array can replicate to a hybrid, to reduce the cost at DR. 

At Proact we have delivered 100’s of storage transformations projects per year and manage over 70PB of clients’ data – this gives us a unique perspective on the storage market. On top of this, Proact have also spent over 12 months assessing the flash market, understanding the unique selling points that each vendor brings. We can work with you to understand if Tegile is suitable for your requirements, and if so, we can supply a range of flash based products and solutions. 

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