Make virtualization predictable and enable extra productivity with Tintri smart storage

Tintri’s application-aware storage is able to see how applications behave at the virtualization layer and present information in a way that’s useful to IT professionals. Equally important, every step in the Tintri experience is designed to be profoundly simple.

Tintri’s application-aware file system offers VM-level visibility and manageability and enables mixed applications and use cases on a single VMstore. Since the Tintri file system manages storage at the VM level, each VM effectively receives its own “QoS lane” to ensure high performance and avoid “noisy neighbor” issues. Tintri FlashFirst design provides inline deduplication and compression, automatic block alignment, and delivers 99% of IO from flash, giving you the performance of pure flash without the high cost. Tintri management and performance visualization tools analyze latency, performance and capacity on a per-VM basis, allowing instant identification of performance hot spots at the hypervisor, network or storage levels.

The Tintri Flash Arrays come in three different models that range from 13.5 TB usable capacity to 33.5 TB. All Flash Arrays come complete with Tintri Global Center platform that enables Tintri VMstore systems to seamlessly function as one, providing centralized administration and consolidated reporting.

At Proact we have delivered 100’s of storage transformations projects per year and manage over 70PB of clients’ data – this gives us a unique perspective on the storage market. On top of this, Proact have also spent over 12 months assessing the flash market, understanding the unique selling points that each vendor brings. We can work with you to understand if Tintri is suitable for your requirements, and if so, we can supply a range of flash based products and solutions. 

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