Transforming and Improving your IT Services

We understand how critical it is that your company's information is protected, and then delivered as part of a flexible and reliable IT service to support your business' success.

We work with our customers to assess their needs, define a strategy and deliver a solution that exceeds their requirements. Our solutions cover all aspects of data storage, unified computing, virtualisation, networking and security. These can be delivered within your datacentre, hosted within Proact's enterprise cloud or a combination of the two.

Our experience is our key differentiator - with over 3,500 projects successfully delivered over the last 21 years, and over 70PB of data under our management. By working with Proact you gain the benefit of our proven track record in delivering enterprise IT.

Proact enable our customers to reduce risk, reduce cost and most importantly deliver improved services back to their end users.

Our solutions portfolio can be found below, however if you would like to discuss your specific challenges and how Proact can help, please contact us today.

Proact Infrastructure Solutions


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