Information Security Made Simple

Security of your information is paramount to both you and to us. Whether responding to legislation or compliance requirements or protecting against accidental abuse, sabotage or malware, security concerns are real and need to be considered.  

Since 1994 Proact have considered data security an integral component of every solution, we embrace security at “layer 0” our aim being to ensure fully integrated protection of your most valuable asset – your business information. 

Whether your security concerns relate to day to day data and access controls, a “Bring Your Own” device or encryption for secure transfer into the cloud, we use our extensive experience and strong strategic partnerships to offer a multitude of security solutions and services that are tailored to your needs, securing your business and providing peace of mind. 

Working with our strategic technology partners Proact deliver enterprise class security solutions covering the following key areas:

Key Areas

  • Enterprise Cloud

    Proact offer a comprehensive range of security solutions that interface with your environment to maximise your return on investment. With Proact, your data is safe and your business protected.

  • Virtualisation

    Protecting your virtualised environment in a secure and cost effective way. Streamline AV provision, use virtual patch management, utilise log inspection and normalisation to understand what is occurring in your environment.  

  • Data encryption for storage

    Is your data secure whilst it’s traversing your WAN to your datacentre? Could you achieve economies of scale by consolidating your data storage environment, but are worried about how to ensure the security of the data? Proact can provide key management and dataencryption that will allay your fears. 

  • Security incident monitoring

    The amount of devices that are attached to your network producing logs is larger, and getting larger. All of these devices present an attack surface, and they are all generating logs. How can you quickly make sense of all this log information? Proact offer a robust SIEM solution that covers your entire infrastructure, and quickly demonstrates compliance. 

  • Policy Management

    Without the ability to prove that your users have read and understand your policies, then your systems are open to abuse. With a system in place to assist in the generation and distribution of your policies, and the ability to test the understanding, you can enforce your policies and be assured that there are no coverage gaps. 

  • Bring your own devices

    Do your staff and senior management want to use the latest Smart devices, but they don’t belong to the company? Proact can mitigate this risk by creating an extension to your security domain that allows personal devices to be incorporated in a secure manner. 

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