Primary Storage

A consolidated storage platform from Proact allows you to make your storage environment more efficient, agile and responsive – saving you time, money and resource.

Storage underpins all aspects of IT – be that a platform for virtualisation or storage for mission critical data. It is essential that organisations not only select the right storage platform, but also accurately size a solution to ensure it can deliver the right capacity, performance and data protection.

Proact are Europe’s leading independent integrator of data storage solutions, and we are renowned in the industry for our expertise and experience – with over 3000 storage solutions successfully delivered, and over 50PB of storage under our management in the Proact Enterprise Cloud.

It is this experience that allows us to help customers reduce risk, reduce cost and most importantly deliver improved services. We understand how critical it is that your company’s information is securely protected and available at all times. Proact work with technology from the world’s leading storage vendors. We give our customers true flexibility, and offer solutions within customer datacentres, both managed and unmanaged, hosted within Proact’s enterprise cloud, or a hybrid of the two.

Our proven approach takes the guesswork out of architecting new environments and services allowing you to transform how you deliver data storage services without risk. This allows Proact to deliver an extremely scalable and flexible storage environment designed to accommodate a variety of enterprise application workloads and many thousands of users.

Our goal is to simplify your environment, giving you predictable performance, flexibility and scalability plus industry leading integrated data protection - all underpinned by a single point of contact for enterprise class support from Proact.

Key Benefits


    Proact ensure your storage is efficiently sized, and benefits from technology such as de-duplication & compression to reduce storage 


    Simplify your environment, and reduce your storage and backup.  


    Dramatically reduce the time for backup and recovery of your mission critical assets – recover critical service in seconds, not hours or days. 


    Ensure data is held on the right platform at the right time, to deliver the optimum blend of capacity, performance and cost. 


    Test, delivery and fully protect new applications and services in minutes. Reduce testing cycles improving your time to deliver new services. 


    Protect against disasters through automation and standardisation, and provide a platform to regularly test recovery. 

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