Financial Services

Innovative financial solutions designed to maximise business value

Proact TechFlex is a cost-effective, flexible form of financing designed specifically for IT investments, allowing you to shift IT spending from a capital to operating expense. 

TechFlex is more than just a traditional form of financing and is designed to give you the financial flexibility you need, particularly for organisations embarking on the process of refreshing or upgrading their IT infrastructure. 

The flexibility offered by Proact makes it easy to change without incurring penalty payments meaning that you have the freedom you need and are able to meet the ever changing demands of your organisation.

Our innovative offerings allow you to access the latest technology that can boost your competitiveness. Proact help you achieve higher operating efficiency and flexibility, enabling continuation of on-going projects, in addition to facilitating non-budgeted (perhaps critical) new ones 

Using Proact TechFlex allows you to focus on your key business objectives - driving productivity, maintaining profitability and improving competitiveness through innovation.  

Whatever the specific needs of your organisation, when it comes to IT-investments, there is a very good chance that Proact Finance will be able to make you an exceptionally attractive offer.

Why Finance

  • Conserve Valuable Cash 

    No longer is your valuable capital tied up in infrastructure costs. Financing frees up cash for more strategic investments, or for the innovation required to grow your business. 

  • Preserve Credit 

    Use our financing so you don’t use up your lines of credit, leaving more cash within your business. 

  • Total Solution Financing 

    Finance up to 100% of your solution costs including soft costs such as maintenance, software and services

  • Fixed Payments Options 

    Fixed monthly or quarterly payment options help you to predict and manage long term budgets. 

  • Cash Flow Management 

    Pay as the revenue or productivity benefits are realised, not before, allowing you to reduce risk and balance cash flow.

  • Avoid Technology Obsolescence  

    Gain the flexibility to upgrade to new technology to match your current and future business needs.

  • Off-Balance Sheet Financing  

    “Off Balance Sheet” financing may allow your organisation to stay within capital budget constraints. 

  • Purchase and Renewal Options  

    Proact provides you with end of lease and ongoing flexibility to return, purchase or upgrade the equipment as your business requires. 

  • Deferred Payments  

    Payment deferral options are available to ensure that acquiring the technology you need is as straightforward as possible.