Virtualisation – Transforming your IT service delivery

Over the last decade, virtualisation has transformed the manner in which IT services are delivered, by providing a platform to reduce cost through consolidation, increase agility and deliver improved service levels.

However, virtualisation does present new challenges to IT teams – How to design and deliver the infrastructure to support this? How to secure and manage the virtual environment?

Proact work with our customers to assess their current environment, define a virtualisation strategy and deliver a complete solution. As a virtualisation platform has an impact across the data centre, our solutions include server, desktop and application virtualisation, taking into account the impact on storage, networking, orchestration and security.

It is our experience that is our differentiator. Proact have successfully delivered over 500 virtualisation projects, and manage many thousands of virtual machines. As testimony to this, we have recently been awarded “Virtualisation Partner of the Year for End User Computing” by VMware.

Solution Areas

  • Server Virtualisation

    Over the last few years server virtualisation has transformed how organisations deliver complex IT services. Whether you are at the start of the virtualisation journey or looking to enhance an existing virtual infrastructure Proact can help. Find out more.

  • Desktop Virtualisation

    Many organisations are considering desktop virtualisation, but are unsure which vendors to select or how to approach the transformation process – this is where Proact can help. Proact deliver flexible, scalable and highly available virtual desktop platforms. Find out more.

  • Automation & Orchestration

    As the growth of virtual environments accelerates, managing server sprawl and security is increasingly becoming a critical issue. Proact offer a range of enterprise toolsets designed can simplify management and introduce control through orchestration and automation. Find out more.

Associated Services