Improve service levels, reduce cost and risk

Cloud computing makes many promises but the reality can often be very different.  Proact is Europe’s leading provider of cloud services for enterprise customers. All Proact Cloud Services are engineered with the same ethos – to be Secure, Available and Flexible.

Security – This is our and your biggest concern, all our services are designed to ensure your data is secure at all times. Often we can demonstrate higher levels of security than you can achieve in-house.

Availability – Every Proact Cloud Service is designed to offer enterprise class levels of availability. Too many service providers define availability to suit their needs not yours. We don’t and we even want to know what your end users are seeing to ensure your service meets their needs.

Flexibility – We allow our customers to scale services up and down as their business changes, add new services and remove services that are no longer needed.  We offer flexibility in three key ways - location, ownership and management. This is how we deliver a hybrid model that is tailored to suit your needs. 

Whether you are just looking to selectively outsource a particular part of your IT service or transform and migrate your entire datacentre into a flexible platform, we can help. Today we manage over 70PB’s of mission critical data serving many thousands of servers and applications. Whatever your need, you can be sure we have the track record and proven experience to deliver.

Adopting Cloud Services is a journey, not a “big bang” approach. All our services can be taken as Private Cloud Services – dedicated to you, hosted by you or us – or as Enterprise Cloud Services – shared, hosted by us.

Proact's Managed Cloud Services can be a key tool on your path to IT as a Service. Find out more about this operational model which can help business and IT departments realise shared objectives by reading our guide.

Our Managed Cloud Services


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