Proact 3D FlexPod

Proact 3D FlexPod

Enable advanced 3D visualisation for users in any location

Proact 3D FlexPod is a game-changing solution which enables remote, virtual desktops to run a wide range of 3D graphics applications. It addresses use cases where dedicated workstations have long been the rule.

Leading service provider Proact has designed 3D FlexPod to add flexibility to traditionally static workstation-dependent environments, enabling advanced 3D visualisation and collaboration for remote and mobile users on any Windows, Mac or Linux device. Our solution was designed using our 20+ years’ experience of delivering successful IT infrastructure projects and provides the key elements that are required to extend collaboration to professionals who haven’t been able to use advanced applications. Proact 3D FlexPod can also support high-end users with a number of 4K monitors.

Why choose Proact 3D FlexPod?

Standalone workstations are expensive to purchase and operate and need a high-speed network with 1-Gbit LANs to desktops. Using the latest virtualisation software, display protocols, display protocols and advanced graphics cards, Proact 3D FlexPod can match or even exceed the expectations of professional users. Proact centralises the workloads of your graphics, in turn simplifying the management, provisioning and maintenance of your desktops, applications and data.

Boost collaboration by opting for this platform and avoid sending huge files across networks. Your data will never leave our controlled data centre environment, enhancing your security credentials. Proact 3D FlexPod is also cost-efficient. Delivered as a service, various finance models are available while also eliminating the need to invest in new technology, training and resources.


Key benefits


    Centralised application delivery from a controlled data centre environment. Efficient and secure backup and recovery procedures. 


    Visualisation on tablets and any Windows, Linux or Mac notebook or desktop, regardless of native application compatibility.


    Reduced need for expensive high-end desktops and high-speed networking, equating to a lower Total Cost of Ownership.


    Supports mobile workforces and distributed workgroups.


    Cost efficient virtual workstation desktops, allowing multiple users to share a single physical GPU.

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