Secure file sharing for the Enterprise

Secure file sharing for the Enterprise

The average workforce are now dealing will multiplying volumes of data and are accessing and sharing said data from a range of devices and locations. This evolving scenario has seen employees adopt consumer based cloud-file sharing services in order to increase flexibility and productivity and they are doing so regardless of whether they are fit for corporate use.

As a reaction to this trend, Proact offers a range of file sharing solutions that both empowers your workforce and protects your organisations mission critical data with enterprise levels of security.Your users get seamless access to all their files and folders across all of their devices and can share without the size limitations associated with corporate email. With advanced features like one click sharing, online/offline access and previous versions it is simple to increase productivity within your workforce.

You no longer have to worry about your organisation’s mission critical data being compromised because an employee has ignored company policy. We have drawn upon our 20 years of experience in delivering enterprise class IT infrastructure to deliver a file sharing service that can meet the requirements of even the most stringent of businesses.

Discover more about how Proact can make sure your business foundations (your critical data) is in safe hands by reading this whitepaper.

Come and talk to us and see how we have helped Enterprise organisations like yours transform their file sharing solutions.



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