Archive as a Service

Maximise investment by archiving low value data simply and quickly

Archive as a Service (AaaS) is a cost-effective archival service that moves stale email and file data out of your datacentre and into ours, leaving your valuable IT investments to hold only your valuable data.With data growing and retention periods lengthening, the need for archive is increasing. Traditionally cost-prohibitive, AaaS is charged at a cost per GB and requires little or no infrastructure investment. Management is reduced and cost savings of 60% are typical.

Our simple Archival Assessment highlights data ready for archive and a Total Cost of Ownership report shows just how much value AaaS brings to your business..

How AaaS works

AaaS automatically and seamlessly archives stale data, reducing the cost of storing and managing stale file data.Consisting of a media server (physical or virtual), networking, software, storage and secure encryption, AaaS is the complete solution, deployed in your datacentre or in a secure Proact facility - paid for on a cost per GB model, allowing you to focus your resources on value-add projects.

Designed your way - Our hybrid delivery model is at the heart of all our Managed Cloud Services - Archive as a Service is no different. Tailored to your needs, you define the policy, you choose a deployment model to suit.

Management ease - Your data is automatically and seamlessly archived to our secure UK datacentres, leaving your team free to focus on projects that add value.

Simple cost model - AaaS has been designed with simplicity in mind. Charges are based upon a flat cost per GB archived, with additional charges for secondary copies with a pay monthly service, spend becomes predictable and fully aligned to business need. Capital is released and cost savings gained - meaning that you can invest in business growth.

Award winning UK services - With years of experience, we know how to make a service a good one. With UK datacentes and our skilled Service Management Team only a call away, you are safe in the knowledge that your data is secure and available.

Key Benefits of AaaS


    Choose how your service is designed and grow you archive infrastructure as it’s needed.


    Reduce cost of storing and managing stale file and email data. Align costs to business need and remove upfront expenditure.


    Simple, centralised management means you save valuable resource - spend your time on projects that grow the business.


    Create, update and manage archival policies quickly and simply from a single central location.


    Secure UK datacentres and ISO27001 - your information is safe in our hands, ready for easy retrieval when you need it.


    Reduce or eliminate the need to add more disk to your storage array.


    Reduce your backup window and the cost of managing your backup environment.

Free Assessment

We are currently offering a free assessment to highlight ’stale’ data – data ripe for archive. We can also deliver a short financial assessment to see how much money we can save, ultimately allowing you to plough this back in to business development.

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