SIEM as a Service

Safeguarding your business and its IT systems from potential security breaches

Proact’s SIEM-as-a-Service (Security Information and Event Management) safeguards your business and its IT systems from potential security breaches.

Delivering 24x7x365 monitoring, alerting and incident management support, this easy to install and easy to manage solution detects threats as soon as they happen, protecting your sensitive data and intellectual property from costly security incidents.

Proact’s SIEM solution also ensures that you are compliant with key regulators while allowing your IT resource to concentrate on strategic projects rather than monitoring large volumes of logs. 

What is SIEM as a Service?

Comprehensive 24x7x365 monitoring and alerting: We offer log management on the activities of both systems and users, reviewing and auditing information in near real-time. Coupled with intelligent baselining and effective prioritisation, this enables critical alerts to be raised to the right people at the right time. 

Knowledgeable and experienced security analysts: With specific skills, not typically found in network or security administrators, our SIEM security analysts identify, understand and remediate possible attacks and incidents in near real-time. Deciphering the information generated through monitoring, our SIEM analysts provide business contextualisation to discover why the output was generated. 

Reporting and reviewing: We provide regular reports and reviews to ensure that your SIEM service continues to deliver at the expected levels. This means no issues are missed and alerts can be analysed and understood after the event.

Key Benefits


    Automatically identifies compromised credentials (e.g. when a user logs-in from two distinct geographical locations in a short space of time, followed by excessive outbound. communication).


    Behavioural analysis can detect malware that’s designed to surpass anti-malware tools.


    Detects when unauthorised users open a file containing cardholder data or medical information.

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