Delivering Transformation

Making Change Happen

Transformational change is about making a major shift in the way you run your IT and your business. Whether driven by a need for agile innovation to stay ahead of the demands of your customers or to exploit new opportunities and differentiate from existing and new competition, there is no option to stand still.

Across private, public and voluntary sectors deadlines must be met, costs reduced and real value to the business delivered. Transformational change implies a fundamental shift in capability that cannot be handled within the existing way of doing things, encompassing new technology, fresh ways of working and often a requirement for a shift in the thinking and culture of individuals, teams and of the organisation as a whole.

To be successful a joined up approach spanning all elements is essential and transformational leadership is the glue that binds these component parts together.

Proact’s Framework for Change defines our guiding principles for realising a fundamental step change in your ability to deliver business value that cannot be handled within your existing way of operating.

Our methodology is founded on 5 core tenets; each engagement is unique and is managed by drawing from our depth of intellectual capital and experience across these areas. 

Tenet 1: Discovery, Prioritisation, Selection and Justification of Change options
What should you stop, start and continue doing? What are your options? What value does each option offer? Which opportunities represent best fit for you?

Tenet 2: Determining and Ensuring Organisational Readiness For Change
Identifying the enablers and blockers to the successful delivery of change – taking action to enable the change, establishing where you are today and what needs to change

Tenet 3: Development of a Coherent Vision and Strategy for Change
Establishing the vision and strategy and developing tangible delivery plans. Identifying the desired “To be” end state across the organisation and developing a roadmap for change

Tenet 4: Successful Delivery of Change
Leverage industry leading skills and experience, proven reference architectures and a structured flexible approach, to successfully deliver change at known levels of risk ensuring that change is managed through the entire transition process and measurable results are achieved.

Tenet 5: Embedding The Change and Service Focused Management
Ensure change sticks and value is realised with a new benchmark defined and an ongoing continuous service improvement programme is defined and delivered.

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