Strategic Consulting

Delivering Business Value

At Proact we believe that IT provision should meet the needs of your organisation - its vision, goals and plans. To deliver on this ethos requires a defined strategy and architecture for the development of IT systems. Our aim is to help our customers align their IT investment and technology selection with their business requirements.

Proact believe a well-developed IT strategy and architecture has the following components:

  • Baseline Architecture

    The ‘As Is’ picture of the organisation which provides the starting point for any IT investment decisions, including challenges and constraints

  • Business Requirements

    The current and future business needs of the organisation

  • Target Architecture

    Identified options for technologies and processes that would meet those business needs

  • Migration Plan

    Phased, prioritised plan to evolve towards the target architecture


Our guiding principle when engaging with our customers are to:

  • Provide a clearly understood foundation for the adoption of future technology and processes
  • Enable agility and flexibility in response to future changes in business direction
  • Ensure the technology changes proposed fit with the internal structure of the business and the external challenges facing it
  • Facilitate the adoption of the most appropriate current technology and best practices
  • Support the delivery of business focused services rather than IT functions or applications
  • Provide a baseline for investment cost justification
  • Allow you to plan for and build internal resource capability – technology, process and people
  • Allow you to speedily and flexibly react to changing business need, whether to exploit opportunity or mitigate risk

Proact’s experienced architects are able to provide assistance with or take responsibility for all aspects of infrastructure strategy and architecture development. The impact of changes to the core architecture on the bigger picture of the IT strategy and the existing infrastructure will always be considered.

We can work with you throughout transformation projects, delivering best-of-breed solutions which can help your IT department realise its potential, ultimately breaking down the walls between business and IT. Our experts have developed a guide to IT as a Service, helping you explore this operational model which allows you to become a flexible service provider.

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