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30 years of experience in helping
enable the hybrid cloud drive digital transformation combat cyberthreats ensure business­ continuity unlock faster innovation reduce digital data waste maintain connectivity

30 years of experience of helping

enable the hybrid cloud

drive digital transformation

combat cyberthreats

ensure business continuity

unlock faster innovation

reduce digital data waste

maintain connectivity

Leverage our expertise to unlock your IT infrastructure’s
full potential and drive your business forward.

Everything you need to take advantage of hybrid cloud

We understand your business requirements and work closely with you to align IT with your ambitions.

Our skilled professionals design and implement bespoke solutions, carrying out complex transformation projects that drive business value through your IT infrastructure.

Whether in your data centre, hosted cloud or public cloud (or a combination of these), we monitor, manage, and secure your solution, safeguarding business-critical data.

Partnering with Proact gives you access to talented professionals across 13 countries, offering flexible hybrid cloud solutions that unlock your infrastructure’s potential.

Your building blocks for hybrid cloud

Who is Proact?



Founded in 1994, we have close to 30 years’ experience in managing and protecting data.



Our team of over 1,200 skilled, experienced and certified professionals are experts in their respective fields. With our UK team at 270 employees across our 6 offices.


Successful project track record

We’ve completed over 5,000 projects. So no matter how complex your project or widespread your organisation, you can rely on us to get the job done.


“Global” presence

With a presence in 12 countries across Europe and North America, you can be flexible about where you store your data whilst knowing you’ll have support in your local language.

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Powerful capabilities

Our 30+ data centres and the hundreds of petabytes of information we currently manage in the cloud demonstrate our robust infrastructure and extensive data management competence.

Proact Map of Europe
Proact Map of DCs

Careers at Proact


At Proact, we love innovative technology. However, it is our people who truly drive our technological excellence. We take great pride in acknowledging that our biggest strength lies in the capabilities and expertise of our dedicated team, rather than just the technology we offer.

A diverse team of skilled and collaborative professionals spanning over 13 countries enables us to deliver innovative, customised technology solutions. This, in combination with our strong vendor partnerships, further enhances our ability to provide cutting-edge services.

It is the collective knowledge, passion and commitment of our people, our partners and our customers that truly sets us apart and ensures the success of our customer relationships. We call this #ThePowerOfTogether.

Our customers

With our relentless focus on customer-centricity, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience across diverse industries, tackling some of the world’s most complex IT challenges.

Our commitment to understanding our clients’ unique needs and goals has allowed us to forge strong and long-lasting relationships. That’s because we understand that the true value of IT lies in its potential to unlock new possibilities and achieve what really powers our lives.

From improving healthcare and education to enabling business innovation, our IT infrastructure solutions help power the transformative work of our customers and partners. Join us in exploring the immense potential of technology to empower positive change in the world.