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Building the modern workplace

Productivity, security and a hybrid IT experience for the new world of work.

The future of work has arrived

Increased Security

Reassurance that your intellectual property and sensitive data is protected, regardless of where it’s accessed from.

Improved Employee Experience

Enable a productive and engaged workforce with a seamless user experience, regardless of device or location..

Streamlined IT Operations

Help overwhelmed IT teams with a reduction in support calls.

Why Workspace?

Simply allowing employees to take their laptops and work from home presents multiple challenges and could negatively impact your organisation in terms of employee experience, IT operations and workspace security.

82% of business leaders now allow their employees to work across both remote and office locations. This means that end user compute looks very different today. Many of us are working on the same tasks but in different ways, and businesses are increasingly turning to a hybrid model.

Office of National Statistics: Data & Analysis from Census 2021, Employment and  Labour Market.

A hybrid workspace is a user’s interface to applications and data, allowing access on any device from any location, whilst maintaining operational control, security and compliance."


The importance of maintaining culture

Organisations the world over often state that people are their number one asset. Harnessing #ThePowerOfTogether is even more challenging today with the rise of the remote worker, as people and organisations struggle to forge the feeling of positive culture and togetherness.

Spending time together with colleagues is increasingly fragmented, with many unsure about what the future of the office looks like.

People are making more nuanced decisions about where they work. Organisations need to discover what employee’s really want – what will attract and retain top talent. By unleashing #ThePowerOfTechnology organisations can not only enable, but optimize their hybrid experience and close the culture gap.

Find out more on how to close the culture gap and the benefits of an optimised hybrid solution.

Learn more about hybrid working

Productivity, security and a hybrid IT experience for the new world of work. 

Get ready to transform

Are you ready to transform? Our assessment services are geared towards investigating your current infrastructure and systems. Our experts will then work with you and your team to find and implement the best solutions to suit your organisation’s needs.

Workspace Proposition

Our proposition explains why and how we’re already helping customers transform their hybrid working. Proact has 20 years’
experience architecting, deploying and supporting the technologies that underpin your users’ daily work. 

Workspace Transformation Assessment

Are you ready for workspace transformation? Our Workspace Transformation Assessment draws on our two decades of experience to navigate your organisation to a new workspace architecture and ensure your staff are happy and engaged.


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