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AFA Insurance


Proact introduces future-proof enterprise storage and backup platform

AFA Insurance sought to update its IT infrastructure to achieve better enterprise application performance. The company opted to continue its partnership with Proact and implemented a modern, future-proof primary storage platform as well as a fast backup solution which helps developers do a better job.


AFA Insurance needed to update its infrastructure to boost overall performance and make backups faster. The existing storage platform, using a NetApp MetroCluster, had served the company well.


Proact developed a proposal for modernising and future-proofing enterprise storage, which AFA Insurance embraced. This included an upgrade of the MetroCluster storage platform where conventional rotating disk was replaced by All-Flash storage arrays, delivering superior performance. The net result was significantly improved response times for users of AFA’s main enterprise applications, which to a large extent are developed in-house.

The new solution uses snapshot-based backups within the MetroCluster and then replicates to the secondary storage platform. This drastically reduces the storage footprint while making the process much quicker. The shortened backup window enables an improved RPO (recovery point objective) target, as more recent datasets can be used for restore. 

“I believe that a good partnership largely rests on personal chemistry. Key to our success is a collaborative spirit where Proact’s people enjoy their time working at our site.”