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Enabling data confidence to drive digital transformation in healthcare…

London Borough of Redbridge

Driving improved performance through collaboration The team at Redbridge Council were looking to deploy a modernised, more manageable platform to meet the needs of their

Bates Wells

Focusing internal resources on IT innovation and new initiatives by outsourcing day-to-day management London-based full-service law firm Bates Wells specialises in legal representation and advice

Nextgear Case Study

Building a partnership with longevity NextGear Capital first engaged with Proact in 2014, working together on a project that would ensure their organisation had a

Northern Care Alliance – Imaging Anywhere

Northern Care Alliance – Imaging Anywhere Transforming radiology services with ‘Imaging Anywhere’ In recent years, there has been an increase in demand for medical imaging

MDR – is anyone safe?

MDR- is anyone safe? There is no doubt Ransomware has changed the face of cybercrime. Cyber-attacks were once considered low down on the risk register