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Focusing internal resources on IT innovation and new initiatives by outsourcing day-to-day management

London-based full-service law firm Bates Wells specialises in legal representation and advice for charities and social enterprises. It’s crucial
for Bates Wells to have an efficient IT environment that allows staff to be productive in their important work and maintain their leading position in the

The Challenge

To keep up with internal demands on their IT, law firm Bates Wells needed an updated infrastructure, new firewalls, new servers and new storage. They also required a solution for secure remote working.

The Solution

In addition to the infrastructure upgrade, Bates Wells added monitoring, BaaS and DRaaS to protect the needs of the firm and reduce in-house operational responsibilities. This enabled their internal IT team to focus on innovation projects to drive the business forward, rather than the day-to-day management of systems.


I find Proact to be a great partner because of the breadth of skills that they have. And even though they’re not part of our team directly, they are striving for the same thing we are: To provide our fi m with an efficient, performant infrastructure.
Stuart McHugh
Head of OT at Bates Wells