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We are a team of more than 1,000 people across Europe. We are passionate about creating flexible solutions that simplifies our customers’ life with data in different ways

The power of data. Our guiding star.

Every challenge with data is intriguing to us and data volumes are increasing in society. Together with our customers, that consist of companies, authorities, organisations, and society, we find solutions to a variety of different challenges. We are committed and this has made us technically driven and humble. We know that to call ourselves experts we constantly need to learn new things and listen.

Joining Proact means you will be welcomed to a world where you will take part in finding future solutions for our customers and where you need to learn and listen. Our environment offers development for you to deepen your expertise and to contribute to something meaningful. Your colleagues will support you as they share the same desire to learn the latest and contribute within the area of data.


The power of together. How we get things done.

We are built on a long history of entrepreneurship within the area of data handling. Truth is that we are built on multiple entrepreneurial companies that have joined forces because we all share a drive to creatively solve our customers challenges with data.

We want to achieve excellence and exhibit integrity in how we do things. We are proud to have a friendly and inclusive environment every day no matter another person’s path of life. We have a long-term view of our network of colleagues. We know that to find the best solutions for our customers we need to stay open, share knowledge and work together. Different perspectives are always key to success. We honour and welcome new team players to our team of more than 1,200 employees.


Explore our culture.

Get to meet some of our people from around Proact, giving a glimpse into their world and who they are.

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Students and young professionals

Whether you are a student or a recent graduate in the early stages of your career there are plenty to explore at Proact.

Becoming a part of Proact during your time as a student is a great way to develop professionally while making valuable contacts. As a recent graduate, we offer you several opportunities to start your career.

Across our countries we offer programs for students and young professionals. It is an excellent way for you to get to know us better. We both have internships, trainee programs, master thesis and at times also summer jobs. Get in touch with us to learn more and how to apply.

Challenge yourself. Develop with us.

To offer our customers flexible solutions, learning is not an opportunity – it is a must.  We take pride in that you will be challenged in day-to-day work together with colleagues and customers.

To enhance opportunities for learning and bring new employees to speed more quickly, we also offer Proact Academy. Proact is a digital platform that offers various forms of training and practice relating to our technology and sales. Many technologies we use require certifications in both product knowledge and sustainable work procedures. We want to fill your knowledge portfolio and deliver the highest quality to our customers.

Learn more about our projects.

Become part of our story. Discover our opportunities.

We believe that change happens when team players with a drive come together. Discover our opportunities.

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