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Create a simplified data ecosystem that delivers improved flexibility, control and security

We have great trust in Proact as expert advisors. They have been instrumental in designing our present IT environment and are always prepared to give updates on technology issues that matter to us. These can involve our current IT environment and all things related to the cloud.”

As a leading hybrid and multicloud provider, we can help you cut through the complexity to let your data lead your business. We can help you realise the technical and business benefits of a multicloud approach, thanks to a range of services and solutions that span every area of IT, every deployment model and every stage of the digital transformation lifecycle.

Combining our knowledge and expertise with the intelligence you have in your team and within your IT systems, we can help you store, connect, secure and use your data in order to realise its value and enhance your advantage. We’ve been protecting customer data since 1994 and providing managed services for more than a decade. Our professional services help at every stage of digital transformation and currently manage over 100 petabytes in the cloud.

Proact qualifies as a provider of IT infrastructure services for European research and education community. From January 2021, NREN members in Europe can gain rapid access to Proact’s cloud services, thanks to the OCRE framework. Discover more about what this framework agreement means and how our offering is uniquely positioned to help you accelerate your cloud adoption, as you select the right services to help you drive innovation through IT. Read more here 

Some of the benefits of our cloud services

Increased flexibility

Gain the agility to orchestrate and run workloads across any deployment model. Become a more agile organisation 

Better control

Governance of cloud operations, their costs and their security, across deployments

Improved security

Thanks to better data governance, a simplified ecosystem and our security services, solutions and advice

How we transform IT


We know the market so we can help you choose the right hardware, before working with some of the most renowned providers to deliver it

Support and management

We can support & manage your existing hardware or services, removing the burden from your IT team & ensuring excellence with 24/7 expert attention

As a service

We design & deliver managed services wherever they’re needed – your data centre, ours, private/public/hybrid cloud – providing maximum flexibility & agility

Example cloud services

Proact Hybrid Cloud (IaaS)

Whether you’re looking to reduce your capital investments in IT, or want to satisfy regulatory or service quality concerns, the Proact Hybrid Cloud offers a flexible, secure and easy-to-use solution for your IT challenges. Proact Hybrid Cloud is our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform built on market-leading, enterprise-class technology. It features self-service capabilities and the ability to integrate with public cloud platforms.

Dedicated infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Our IaaS is a dedicated infrastructure platform built using award-winning, enterprise-class components deployed in your data centre or ours, and charged for monthly, based on consumption. IaaS encompasses all major components at the core of your infrastructure – security, virtualisation, compute, network and storage – and means you can flex your processor & memory requirements as well as storage needs. With us taking responsibility for delivering all infrastructure components up to the application layer, this allows your teams to concentrate on delivering services back to the business, saving you time, money and reducing risk.

Service Management for Public Cloud

Unleash the potential of your technology, team and business with our comprehensive Service Management. This 24/7 monitoring, management and incident resolution service means you can adopt new technology without having to invest in new skills. It allows your IT department to focus on adding value to your organisation in other ways, instead of managing your public cloud infrastructure.


Should you need to connect over long-distances, our managed WAN and SD-WAN services provide reliable solutions over MPLS and over internet IPsec VPN, using leased line DIA, ADSL or 4G/LTE.

Data centres, Internet and public cloud

Connect to services hosted in our data centres and benefit from reliable and redundant onwards connectivity. Includes direct connections to public clouds, global data centre interconnects & Internet egress, everywhere.

Cloud-related resources

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