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Colly Company


Data management service provides redundancy and cloud-readiness

Colly Company had adopted a cloud strategy which required a step-by-step migration from their on-premises IT infrastructure. Before this could be achieved, the secondary storage site had to be replaced. Proact offered a solution that was based on NetApp Private Storage and went beyond Colly Company’s initial expectations. Our solution is now delivering storage, backup and disaster recovery functionalities in a cloud-ready environment, allowing Colly Company to retain control of their data while exploring the public cloud.


Colly Company had a secondary data storage site that provided redundancy through replication. Learning that this site was about to be shut down, the company wanted to replace it with a new data management solution delivered ‘as a service’. This model would mean that there was no need for large capital investments and internal resources could be removed from daily operations. The new setup should be compatible with – or preferably support and facilitate – the company’s strategic plans for a gradual migration to the cloud.


Rather than recommending the obvious, which in this instance would be a new secondary data management site that used a similar or even identical setup, we suggested a solution that offered more business benefits. We suggested that NetApp Private Storage as a Service (NPS as a Service) would be the best fit for Colly Company’s requirements. This service provides a complete storage and backup solution, leveraging a patent pending cloud architecture. The solution places NetApp storage next to compute resources in the public cloud, while maintaining physical and logical separation of data and compute.

“We have great trust in Proact as expert advisors. They have been instrumental in designing our present IT environment and are always prepared to give updates on technology issues that matter to us. These can involve our current IT environment and all things related to the cloud”