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Cranfield University

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University chooses Rubrik for disaster recovery to the cloud & simplified data management

Cranfield University, a British postgraduate university, is a global leader for education and transformational research in technology and management. Every year, Cranfield University delivers academic courses in 50 countries outside of the UK and executive development to over 15,000 people. Cranfield is one of the UK’s top five commercial research-intensive universities.

Cloud is top of mind for IT at Cranfield University, especially for disaster recovery. “We are making a push to cloud backup because it’s cheaper than our current third-party provider, replaces costly hardware and software on-premises, and provides greater resilience,” says Edward Poll, Head of IT Infrastructure at the university.


With the university’s previous vendor, migrating to the cloud would have required building an entirely different infrastructure. Additionally such an approach would have created a siloed architecture resulting in greater costs, more complex management and slower recovery.


Rubrik delivered an all-in-one solution for data archival and disaster recovery to cloud. It easily integrated with Azure for simpler, faster and cheaper backup, recovery and cloud archival.

“As we grow, we can choose from any public and private cloud provider and easily move workloads from cloud to cloud.”