Proact security analysis looking at security operations centre alarms and alerts

Cyber vigilance: A guide to maximising resources for 24/7 threat protection

Uncover the value of a security operations centre & how you can gain easy & resource-efficient access to 24/7 threat protection services.

Don’t be tied by security resource
It’s fair to say that most IT professionals wish they had more time in their working week. Among the range of pressing resource demands there are few areas that command as much attention as cyber security. This area requires almost limitless resources to be managed comprehensively yet organisations are bound by the budgets, skills and people they have available to them.

In this whitepaper we discuss the value of having access to a security operations centre (SOC) as a means of gaining easy and resource-efficient access to 24/7 threat protection services.

What you’ll learn

  • New risks – Where risk can emerge in modern IT environments
  • Acting on threats – Ensuring strong monitoring as your threat surface expands
  • Security partners – How to gain access to expert security skills round-the-clock