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Successful start in the EASY Cloud and setting the course for SaaS with cloud and business partner Proact

A CD as distribution tool? Those days are over. From product development to marketing, the cloud is the gold standard — as long as the basis is right. Therefore, at the EASY SOFTWARE company, both the EASY products themselves and their development had to become cloud capable.

The use of Kubernetes and Docker for the microservice stack was certain. The right partner was sought for the operational and conceptual IT operations. For compliance reasons, this partner had to have data centres in Germany but also be able to implement foreign options, and actively support EASY SOFTWARE’s growth.

Research showed that only very few service providers have the necessary technological know-how and can also offer data storage in Germany. After an intensive selection process with cost-benefit analyses, many discussions, workshops and site visits, two providers were on equal footing.

“We decided on Proact. During the entire process, Proact showed great commitment and had well-founded questions and answers. From the project team to the management, our impression was that they were capable of doing this and weren’t selling us a pipe dream,” says Ben Szurpit, Senior Operations Manager at EASY SOFTWARE, adding:

“Our corporate cultures fit together. Proact is just as down-to-earth and uncomplicated as we are and has flat hierarchies. Their technology and technological competence also convinced us. The icing on the cake was the promise that Proact also can and wants to operate our end-customer solutions.”


High costs, little know-how and limited flexibility on the part of the outsourcing partner hindered the switch to Software as a Service and the expansion of the business models.


Managed Kubernetes service on OpenStack