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The Goal Posts have moved: How NetApp have redefined the SAN market with ASA 

The SAN market has changed substantially in the last six months. Join us in this deep-dive webinar to find out how NetApp are redefining the SAN market.

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Do you use dedicated SAN storage for your enterprise applications, databases or VM’s? 

Then this webinar is for you. 


The SAN market has changed substantially in the last six months.  

New SAN offerings from NetApp, optimised especially for enterprise applications, databases and VM workloads, offer substantially better outcomes for customers than market alternatives. 

Join us in this deep-dive webinar to find out how NetApp are redefining the SAN market by: 

  • Redefining pricing – NetApp has always been a market -leader in storage, consistently occupying the top spots in Gartner Magic Quadrants. Now, they’re leading the way with pricing too. NetApp’s ASA series is priced 20-30% below key competition, with even more industry-leading capabilities than ever before. 
  • Redefining running costs and sustainability – The ASA series produces up to 50% lower emissions compared to competitive all-flash-arrays, with large reductions in energy consumption, cooling requirements and storage footprint. The savings from lower running costs can be so substantial that they make storage upgrades cost-neutral over the life of the product.  
  • Redefining performance and capability – NetApp is, and aways has been, the gold-standard for storage performance and capability. Join us to learn how the new ASA series takes that even further with: 
    • Superior Performance – Accelerate VM, database or ERP applications with end-to-end NVMe, up to 100 microsecond latency and millions of IOPS per cluster. 
    • Guaranteed 99.9999% availability – Financially backed six-nines availability, equating to a maximum of 32 seconds of downtime per year. 
    • Guaranteed 4:1 storage efficiency – leading raw to effective capacity, with up to 30 x less storage capacity required. 
    • Guaranteed Cyber Resilience – integrated data protection, ransomware protection, security, failover, governance and compliance. Backed by a cyber recovery guarantee. 
    • Unified management – SAN optimised ONTAP management, quick provisioning and automation 
    • Unified Cloud connectivity – automatic tiering and unified management with BlueXP across AWS, Azure & Google Cloud 
    • Active-active failover – application granular asymmetric, active-active multipathing (qualified for vSphere vMSC) for zero RTO RPO failover. 
    • Optimised for VMware – Hot VM migrations, space reclamation on iSCSI & FCP, active-active availability for vSphere vMSC, true multipathing stackable to leverage all cluster nodes. 
    • Non-disruptive scalability – accommodate data growth without having to replace existing systems 
    • Future-proof – eliminate tech refreshes with the Storage Lifecycle Program: new controller every 3 years with support-managed updates and alternative cloud options. 


  • Redefining partnership – Proact are the largest NetApp partner in Europe and are responsible for the largest NetApp install base in the UK. We believe in #ThePowerofTogether; a deep partnership between Proact, the customer and NetApp to deliver what your business needs, when you need it. 

We will be joined by experts from NetApp and Proact to understand how the ASA series has transformed the SAN market and to hear stories of the benefits that customers are seeing today. 

When & where 

2pm, Tuesday 18th June, BigMarker (webinar platform) 



Steven Smith, ASA Lead, NetApp 

Mike Moss, Solutions Architect, Proact UK 

Key event details:


18 June 2024


2:00 pm – 2:45 pm


Big Marker


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