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A private cloud to drive growth and automation 

Fortnox is a success story in the Swedish software industry. They were pioneers by introducing a web-based platform for accounting services. Success came quickly, and it has lasted. 

Fortnox opened for business in 2001, long before Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) was a coined as a concept, but this is actually what they have always delivered. Today, Fortnox is a listed company with over 400,000 customers who have chosen their cloud-based business services. 

In recent years, the company’s growth has accelerated, both by numbers and through a widening range of services. The latest additions include quotation support and assistance for setting up a new business. Most customers are small businesses, even though Sweden’s leading accounting firms also work in the cloud using Fortnox. 


After an extended period of strong growth, business software provider Fortnox was outgrowing the data centre resources which provide its SaaS platform. They went looking for an IT infrastructure solution that is scalable, reliable and enables further automation. 


Fortnox opted for a new private cloud built with on-premise infrastructure, assigning Proact to manage operations, backup and maintenance. 

Key components: NetApp, VMware ESX, Juniper and Commvault 

“ – We want a supplier that we can work closely with and with people who truly like to work in this way, and this is what we have with Proact . ”

If you would like to know more about the technical solution, take a look at this video.