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Get AS


Perfect fit with Hyper-converged data centre solution

When broadband and digital TV provider Get decided to invest in an all-new business intelligence platform, the company accepted that its data centre required a substantial upgrade. Proact designed and delivered a hyper-converged solution that combined high performance with simple management, while also integrating with Get’s existing IT infrastructure.


Broadband and digital TV service provider Get needed to invest in a data centre solution to run its all-new business intelligence application. This key function had strict performance and uptime requirements.


Initially, Proact presented two design options for Get to consider. The recommended solution was based on NetApp HCI, an enterprise-scale hyper-converged infrastructure that delivers predictable performance on a highly flexible, efficient architecture. Such a solution is easy to deploy and manage.

“We are very satisfied with Proact’s past contributions to our data centre and the support they have provided over the years. So based on experience, we had great trust in Proact, their advice and ideas for updating our data centre architecture to enable our business intelligence platform”