High alert: Staying vigilant to unexpected threats & incidents

How can you embrace trends such as cloud services, mobile working and increased collaboration without increasing unanticipated security attack vectors?

Build threat detection & incident response into your foundations

For many organisations, technology presents an opportunity to do more with less. However, in order to avoid any unexpected security risks, business must completely rethink how they’re implementing technology and the behaviours that surround it.

Broadly speaking there are three trends that are driving the future of the workplace from an IT perspective: cloud services, new working habits and increased collaboration. In this article we explore how you can capture the benefits of these trends while maintaining robust security.

What you’ll learn

  • Secure cloud usage – Ensuring security with a shared responsibility model
  • New working habits – How to enable staff to work for anywhere, securely
  • Partners – Conducting due diligence with your partnering organisations

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