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At Proact, we are data specialists with a focus on unlocking the power of data through strategy, storage, connectivity, and security. But that’s only part of our story…

We’re also here to break the mould. To stake new ground. To do things differently. And we’ve created a fast-paced, people-first working environment with a focus on learning and career development that encourages everyone to do just that.

It’s about passion for customer excellence, enabling innovation, accelerating growth and disrupting entire industries.

This is what it means to #BeAProactivist.

What we do

We help customers protect, access and use data in a way that adds value and drives the performance of their business. With a bold vision to be the world’s most trusted IT services provider, we need bold characters who can take on the IT challenges of tomorrow and put innovation and determination at the heart of career and business progression.

The Proact story is one of entrepreneurship and innovative mindset, of a business built on strong foundations of customer excellence and pride in the quality of our products and services. We’ve brought together the best in the data world in pursuit of building a business that is the market-leader in IT services.

In a world of complexity, we strive to keep things simple – giving every customer the peace of mind that their data is in the safest hands.

I was a customer before joining Proact. I enjoyed working with the people who have now become colleagues, and I have an interest in expanding my expertise in the solutions that Proact offers.

Colin Abram, MCS Principal Architect​

Who we are

Creative thinkers, hard workers, team players

The innovation that powers our customers’ lives is only made possible by the power of our people. We’re proud Proactivists, which means we’re creative thinkers, hard workers, team players, collaborators and innovators, with a real focus on our customers.

We’re all from different backgrounds, but it’s our shared vision of the future, our passion for high performance data innovation and our unwavering focus on customer experience that brings us together. We celebrate success and we learn from our experiences.

One of the best things at Proact is the people. Everyone is helpful and friendly, and we have a real culture of working together to achieve a common goal.


Andy Hale, Technical Services Director

Do you have what it takes to be a Proactivist?

Proactivists are curious, brave, determined, ambitious, supportive and respected. Professional in everything we do and activists for change, we share a passion for data innovation at every level. As a Proactivist, you’ll share our passion for always putting the customer first, you’ll be excited by the challenge of change, and you’ll look forward to growing your career as Proact continues to grow. You’ll be brave enough to try new things, safe in the knowledge that failure is part of the learning journey. And you’ll be supported by like-minded people, who care about innovation and care about you Autonomy and ownership are the basis of innovative thinking and creative ideas at Proact. We believe in being accountable for things that matter. Listening and learning about better ways to work and better ways to live. Striving to be the best at everything we take on – because it matters. Being a Proactivist is about doing the same. And it’s about having the ambition to make your Proact story an amazing one. If that’s you, then you may have the potential to join us.  You can find out more about our careers here.