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Meet Kristian, District Sales Manager in UK

What are you most proud of having achieved during your time at Proact?
Being promoted to District Sales Manager.

What part of your job brings you most joy?
Working with people.

What was the most interesting thing that happened at work this week?
Helping to finalise and secure signature for a £1 million contract.

What has changed the most while you have been working at Proact?
The culture – more collaboration and team centric ethos.

How does a workday at Proact look like?
In current climate my day is typically full with back to back Teams calls – general focus – deal reviews, forecasting, core vendor updates, management team planning and 1:1 calls with my team.

What kind of people work at Proact?
People that want to do some good for their customers, as well as doing the right thing by supporting their colleagues.

What was most challenging at work during the week?
Handling customer’s challenges and overcoming them. Maintaining a robust forecast and delivering on what I and the team have set out to achieve. ‘Taking ownership’ is one of the key mantras I encourage my team to adopt – that way you are in control of the challenge.

What made you sign up for a job at Proact?
The people and that my personal goals/ambition aligned with Proact’s long term strategy.

What do you read right now?
Shadow Tyrants by Clive Cussler.

Your most recent private trip went to?
Lake Windermere. Its stunning scenery and using a speedboat on the lake to teach kids water skiing.

Your favourite music band?

How do you use Tech in your daily life?
When not on a laptop, I seem to use an App for everything else, technology is prevalent in our everyday lives.

What is your earliest memory of using Technology as a child?
Atari game console.

How come you work within Tech?
I have worked in the ICT sector for over 20 years and find that it’s still one of the most dynamic sectors to work in, mainly because technology continues to evolve and innovate.