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Managed security approach bolsters cyber defences

Formed by Pharma industry experts, MyMeds&Me is the leading SaaS provider of adverse event (AE) and product quality complaint (PQC) collection solutions for the life sciences industry with the product Reportum®.

Reportum® provides intelligent, intuitive, web-based and mobile solutions that enable the standardised capture of adverse event and product quality data at source, transforming the end-to-end pharmacovigilance process and optimising data quality.

Five of the top 30 global Pharma organisations are already using Reportum® and, due to the sensitive nature of data in the healthcare field, security and privacy are top priorities for these organisations when adopting the latest technology. Proact has been selected as a trusted partner to provide round-the-clock security surveillance, ensuring critical data within Reportum® remains protected.


With a commitment to continuously improving its cyber security defences, MyMeds&Me wanted to introduce security management on a 24/7 basis to protect its Reportum® solution. The organisation wanted to achieve this without hiring internal talent.

That’s why MyMeds&Me sought a security partner. The provider had to be able to support data growth and had to meet the high expectations of well-known Reportum® users.


MyMeds&Me chose our SIEM as a Service offering to make sure that Reportum® is monitored round-the-clock by cyber security experts. This solution can scale on demand and ensures that critical alerts are raised to the right people at the right time.

No time will be spent investigating false alarms as the SIEM platform is always up-to-date and configured in-line with best practices. Our team not only monitors logs, but investigates unusual events and provides potential remediation advice.

“Ensuring that our data is secure lies at the core of what we do. Proact is an industry leader in data security, so this partnership offers our users the confidence that their information is safe and protected to the highest possible standards.”