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Northern Care Alliance - Imaging Anywhere

Transforming radiology services with 'Imaging Anywhere'

In recent years, there has been an increase in demand for medical imaging services, as scans are now used to identify a wider range of illnesses at an
earlier stage. There is also a shortage of radiologists in many parts of the UK, including the north of England. These two issues are creating operational
challenges for radiology departments all around the UK, and this was also the case at the Northern Care Alliance (NCA)

The Challenge

Demand for Radiology services has dramatically increased in recent years and UK Radiologists are in short supply. Northern Care Alliance needed a solution to enable remote radiology services for the Trust, so radiologists can do their job from any location and be employed both nationwide and

The Solution

The trust implemented a new high-spec VDI solution, powered by Dell VXRail and Nvidia. This enabled graphic-intensive radiology workloads to be carried out from any location, which opened up a worldwide talent pool, increased employee flexibility and expanded the capacity of current teams.

Working with Proact has enabled us to deliver radiology transformation very quickly. Some trusts can take a couple of years to deliver projects like this; with Proact, we did it in 6 months. Their breadth of knowledge, experience and in-house skills really add value.”
Jav Yaqub
Head of Infastructure, Northern Care Alliance