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Nextgear Case Study

Building a partnership with longevity

NextGear Capital first engaged with Proact in 2014, working together on a project that would ensure their organisation had a futureproof IT licensing
model. Since this early engagement, they have worked with Proact as an extension of their team to maintain their licensing estate.

Multi-vendor license management

Starting with 30 users, the organisation quickly grew to over 80 employees. This growth resulted in a hardware refresh six years into the partnership, that saw the entire licensing structure change. Proact were able to define the simplest and most cost-effective licensing model for NextGear and managed the licensing transition. They liaise directly with all the vendors, taking the strain away from NextGear. As a result of Proact’s multi-vendor
renewal management, NextGear were provided with a single point of contact, working efficiently behind the scenes, to manage the licensing changes.

“The complexity of our licensing requirements would have made the process too challenging to implement internally. With Proact’s specialist knowledge, they were not only able to efficiently deliver on our requirements, but they also ensured we got the best deal.”
Inge Vriend, Service Delivery Manager

What’s more, through the provision of deadline reminders and renewal agreements well in advance of expiry, Proact continues to ensure the organisation’s IT licensing always remains compliant. Additionally, with the provision of indicative price at the start of each year, NextGear can forward plan their licensing requirements, from a financial perspective, to avoid any unexpected changes.