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Nomination committee

The nomination committee has been constituted with the task to prepare proposals to be presented at the annual general meeting

Kista, 5 May 2022

Malin Ruijsenaars,
Chair, Nomination committee

Nomination committee

At Proact’s Annual General Meeting, held on 5 May 2022, it was decided that the nomination committee is to consist of representatives of the four biggest shareholders. The nomination committee also has the right to adjunct the board chairman to the election committee’s meetings. The Chairman of the Board should contact the biggest shareholders in accordance with Euroclear Sweden’s list of shareholders as at 30 September 2022.

The names of the members of the nomination committee must be published as soon as the nomination committee has been appointed, but no later than six month prior to the annual general meeting. If any of the biggest owners declines to appoint a representative on the nomination committee, the next shareholder in order of size must be given the opportunity to appoint such a representative. A representative of the shareholders is appointed chairman of the nomination committee. The mandate period of the nomination committee continues until a new nomination committee has been appointed.

Where appropriate, the nomination committee must prepare and submit to the Annual General Meeting proposals for:

  • election of a Chairman for the meeting
  • election of a Chairman of the Board and other company directors
  • directors’ fees divided between the Chairman and other members, plus remuneration for committee work
  • election of and payment to auditors (where appropriate)
  • decisions on principles for the appointment of a nomination committee.