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Örebro University

Making AI available and useful for all science 

To make AI available to scientists in every field, Örebro University added tools that make it easier to get started using its computational resource. 

To meet the growing needs from AI workloads, the university procured a powerful, unified computing resource. The assignment to deliver this went to Proact, building on its solid experience from providing IT infrastructure and associated services to Örebro University. 


Örebro University has been active in AI research for over 20 years. The computational resources were limited and divided across many small servers. The university had a need for more power, and a mission to make AI tools available to new users in non-technical research areas . 


 The university settled for a solution based on the ONTAP AI reference architecture, a computational server powered by thousands of GPU cores, combined with fast storage. It was possible to use and upgrade an existing NetApp storage solution previously delivered by Proact, resulting in a modern, while also cost-effective solution for the university’s needs. 

“ – We believe that even in the long term there will be a mix of internal delivery and purchasing services. There are things that we have to keep in the house for various reasons, including legal requirements.” 

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