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Schletter Solar GmbH


Focus on value-adding processes thanks to modern IT infrastructure in the cloud

With a new concept for its IT infrastructure, Schletter Solar GmbH wanted to completely outsource its previous successively grown environment and thus be able to concentrate on the processes in the company that contribute to value creation.


When it comes to their own IT infrastructure, almost every company is faced with the question “make or buy?” at some point, and Schletter Solar GmbH made a conscious decision to outsource. The company was faced with the challenge of IT systems and processes that had grown over the years, as well as internal fears – especially in the IT department – that outsourcing could lead to job cuts. In addition, Schletter Solar GmbH experienced a hacker attack, during which the organisation learned the implications of IT security not being guaranteed 100%. “Fortunately, we got away with only a few scrapes. Nothing serious,” says Daller of Schletter Solar GmbH, adding “However, we understood at that moment that, as a medium-sized company, we simply can’t adequately map IT security on our own anymore.”


“Outsourcing of IT” was the solution, so Schletter Solar GmbH decided to opt for:

• Infrastructure as a Service,

• Network as a Service and

• WiFi as a Service.

Proact was able to present Schletter Solar GmbH with convincing approaches for solutions as early as the bidding phase. Together, they decided on the “Lift & Shift” approach, in which first the data is transferred to the Proact Hybrid Cloud (PHC) and then optimised. Thanks to the partnership-based cooperation on an equal footing, which became apparent right from the start and is still considered a key success factor for both parties today, the outsourcing of the IT succeeded to the satisfaction of all involved.