Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust

Responding rapidly to an ever-evolving landscape With the aim of reducing the amount of time healthcare professionals spent on site, they were looking to channel those additional hours in to providing further care for their patients. This became even more critical in March 2020, as the need to provide remote working for doctors and nurses […]

Is your hybrid working, working?

Rob Sims, Head of Workspace, dives into the true experience of hybrid working and shares the three core concepts to ensure you’re offering your employees the best experience.

Let’s talk… Optimising Azure Virtual Desktop (on-demand)

Let's Talk Data UK

On-demand (ENGLISH)
In this episode of Lets Talk Data! UK, we’ll be exploring the world of Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly Windows Virtual Desktop) and how organisations can optimise and enhance their experience whilst decreasing the overall cost of the solution.

Let’s talk… End-user experience (on-demand)

Let's Talk Data UK

On-demand (ENGLISH)
Watch this episode of Let’s talk Data UK! to learn about user experience monitoring; an objective and low-impact measure of all aspects of the end-user experience. We’ll be joined by colleagues at Lakeside, a leading user-experience monitoring solution.

Leiden, Europäische Stadt der Wissenschaft 2022, wählt Proact’s modern Workspace Lösung

Leiden, Europäische Stadt der Wissenschaft 2022 (Leiden2022), hat eine europäische Partnerschaft mit dem Daten- und Informationsmanagement-Spezialisten Proact unterzeichnet, um eine komplette ICT-Infrastruktur und eine moderne Workspace-Lösung zu liefern. Die Stadt Leiden ist Sitz der ältesten Universität der Niederlande und beherbergt ein großes Universitätskrankenhaus sowie einen umfangreichen Biowissenschaftspark. Mit dieser Konzentration an wissenschaftlichem Wissen […]

Leiden2022 select Proacts modern workspace solution

Leiden, European City of Science 2022 (Leiden2022), has signed a European partnership with data and information management specialist, Proact, to deliver a complete ICT infrastructure and modern workspace solution.