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Three Scandinavia


Support service adds key skills and relieves burden on IT operations team

At mobile service provider Three Scandinavia, the drive for continuous improvement and streamlining operations is deep-rooted. This dedication is perfectly illustrated by the company’s highly efficient on-premises IT operations. A self-reliant company culture has served Three well, although this does not preclude seeking outside assistance: Proact was engaged to manage data centre backup.


At Three Scandinavia, central IT operations are managed by a small workgroup of 9-10 people.
When one team member, responsible for the backup solution, was about to leave the company, it faced a need to recruit or train another person to acquire corresponding expert skills. Doing so was an apparent challenge.


The choice fell on Premium Support+, an extended support service where Proact manages all regular backup operations. This relieves Three’s team from the daily duties, while the company still owns and controls the backup solution. During onboarding and transfer of responsibilities, Proact staff have worked onsite, while regular backup tasks are now remotely managed.

With Premium Support+, Three also maintains control over their backups, not only from the fact that enterprise data physically stays on-premises, but by means of regular reporting and access to the monitoring platform. Additionally, Three 

”We are flexible, just as Proact are very flexible too when it comes to how we work together. Although you find a lot in writing in contracts, we will have issues where it is not obvious who is responsible. And in these cases, we always find a solution that works out best for both parties.