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Backup and recovery solutions

Protect your organisation’s assets whilst mitigating risk — with hybrid cloud backup and disaster recovery (DR) solutions that provide peace of mind.

Ensure business continuity

Increase resilience

Utilise hybrid cloud solutions to increase flexibility and reduce risks.

Minimise downtime

Restore critical data and applications quickly in case of a disaster, minimising business impact.

Remain compliant

Keep your business compliant with regulations and avoid potential legal issues.

Improve data protection

Be able to protect and recover data in case of accidental deletion, data corruption or cyberattacks.

Utilise hybrid cloud benefits

Back up and recover your data regardless of platform, technology or location.

Extend your team

Have experts manage your backup and DR, letting your team focus on business-critical development.

Your weapons against ransomware

The threat of data breaches and malicious attacks is greater than ever. Should your business ever be targeted, robust backup and disaster recovery solutions can help you to quickly restore your systems. So you can continue serving your customers, avoid revenue loss and keep your business operations running. 

Protect your company's valuable data and ensure business continuity — with solid backup and recovery strategies.

Maximise backup efficiency by
leveraging hybrid cloud

A hybrid cloud approach allows you to utilise the best of all worlds by combining the benefits of on-premises backup with the advantages of cloud-based backup. With a hybrid cloud backup solution, you can choose which data to back up where — allowing your organisation to achieve improved redundancy and flexibility whilst at the same time optimising costs and meeting regulatory requirements. Having backups in multiple locations can also ensure data is protected in the event of a disaster or outage, and at the same time provides geographic redundancy. 

We offer a range of backup solutions and services for your business requirements. So whether you prefer to have your backup in your data centres, in any of our data centres or in the public cloud, we can meet your needs.

Why Proact?

Protecting business data is complex. We understand that each organisation has very different business protection needs — that’s why our teams will spend time with you, reviewing your requirements at a technical and business level. After this, we can design a solution or service that not only meets your business and technical requirements today but will also give your organisation the flexibility to grow and change with your market.

Our backup solutions

Service Management for Backup

Backup as a Service for O365

Backup as a Service – Enterprise

Backup as a Service – Secure storage vault (NetApp ONTAP)

Backup as a Service – Virtual

Our disaster recovery solutions

On-premises disaster recovery infrastructure 

Disaster Recovery as a Service 

Key backup vendors


Access world-class backup and DR technology with our vendor ecosystem ​

Regardless of your preferences, you’ll always receive advice and solutions tailored to your organisation’s specific needs, thanks to our wide network of partnerships with top vendors.​

Leverage the expertise of Europe's top market specialists

Regardless of where you are, partnering with us means access to top-rated skills from all over Europe within minutes.

So whether you’d like to talk to a specialist for security, public cloud, networking, database, or another specific technology  — there is always an expert close by to help your business achieve its goals.

Achieve peace of mind with our support and Service Management

Our Service Management enables your organisation to adopt new technology without having to invest in new skills. Instead of managing infrastructure, your IT department can thus focus on adding value to your organisation in other ways. This offering includes:


Apart from infrastructure, applications are our main business, not restoring data and files. We wanted more relief and security as well as the ability to quickly get back to normal operation after a disaster"


one of our specialists