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Network solutions

Improve productivity and drive growth by providing high-performance networks that connect your people, customers, data and devices.

Ensure uninterrupted business connectivity

Stay flexible

Enable your network to keep up with changes to traffic or devices.

Maintain connection across deployment models

Access data and services regardless of where these are located.

Protect your business and customers

Secure your network from an increasing number of cyberthreats.

Harness cloud-based network management

Bring your connectivity to the next level with our software-defined network solutions.

Keep everyone in your business connected

The network is the backbone of your IT environment. It’s crucial in enabling optimal performance, security and reliability of your IT — not to mention allowing your employees to be productive and customers to reach your services.

Your business goals evolve over time. And meeting these goals often means driving digital transformation forward within the organisation. But whether your data is held within your data centre, at satellite sites, in one of our data centres, in the public cloud or in a combination of all the above — we make sure it stays securely and reliably connected.

Is your network enabling your business to thrive?

Improve network access, with fewer interruptions and improved connectivity throughout your organisation (no matter how far apart employees may be) with our SD-Connect networking package.

Comprised of software-defined WiFi, WAN and LAN solutions as well as a next-generation firewall, SD-Connect relies on AI to generate network insights. These can then be applied to reduce the number of trouble-tickets, simplify troubleshooting and shorten the time required to repair connectivity issues.

Why Proact?

We understand that each organisation has different networking needs — That’s why our network specialists will spend time with you, reviewing your requirements on both a technical and business level. After this, our skilled experts can design a solution or service that not only meets your business and technical requirements today, but will also give your organisation the flexibility to grow and change with your market, delivering true business value.

Our network solutions

Connect your people. Connect your offices. Connect everyone.

Access world-class network technology with our vendor ecosystem ​

Regardless of your network preferences, you’ll always receive advice and solutions tailored to your organisation’s specific needs, thanks to our wide network of partnerships with top vendors.​


Leverage the expertise of Europe's top market specialists

Regardless of where you are, partnering with us means access to top-rated skills from all over Europe within minutes.

So whether you’d like to talk to a specialist for security, public cloud, networking, database, or another specific technology  — there is always an expert close by to help your business achieve its goals.

Achieve peace of mind with our support and Service Management

Our Service Management enables your organisation to adopt new technology without having to invest in new skills. Instead of managing infrastructure, your IT department can thus focus on adding value to your organisation in other ways. This offering includes:

Network brochure front cover mock up

Thanks to Proact, the issues of performance […] have finally been solved for us. Unexplained IT failures are now a thing of the past.”


one of our specialists