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Proact Healthcare Solutions

Proact Healthcare Solutions helps providers drive improved patient care, by delivering highly available and secure data that can be accessed anywhere. 

Welcome to Proact Healthcare Solutions

Every day we speak to IT teams in healthcare about their challenges in keeping up with day-to-day demands, while also driving forward digital transformation. Read below the key challenges that we see are critical in healthcare providers achieving digital and modern IT.


Becoming ICS Ready

We cover the key challenges these partnerships face to free up, empower and harness health teams.

Building a Digital Future

Read about the barriers providers need to overcome for successful digital transformation.

Enabling Your Workforce

Organisations must overcome several obstacles, so they can leverage IT and enable their staff to deliver better patient care.

Securing Health Data

Providers are currently limited by several factors that make them vulnerable to cyberattacks and top target for cyber criminals.

What Good Looks Like

What challenges must be overcome to achieve the Government's frameworks for success?

Delivering Patient Outcomes

Technological boundaries between different providers are stifling the ability to create a truly 'joined-up' healthcare system and a connected patience experience.

Why Proact?

Working with healthcare is in our DNA. We’ve been supporting the sector for over 25 years, so we understand the challenges NHS organisations face, both strategically and operationally on the ground, and the wider impact on society.

Over the years, we’ve developed tailored solutions and provided technical expertise to help NHS organisations make lasting transformation to the way they work.

We believe healthcare professionals should be able to securely access the data they require to do their jobs, wherever they are. We believe this is vital to healthcare services for driving better and faster patient care and outcomes.

Through our portfolio of technology solutions, we enhance healthcare services in storing, protecting and gaining value from their data. We can also help you define the best IT infrastructure and cloud strategy to meet your challenges today, as well as plan for tomorrow.

Wherever you are on your health digitalisation journey, we can assist you in propelling your organisation forward through the #ThePowerOfData and #ThePowerOfTogether.

Our Solutions

Over the years, we’ve developed tailored solutions and provided technical expertise to help NHS organisations make lasting transformation to the way they work.​

Healthcare Frameworks

A Trusted Advisor for Healthcare

Logo Lewisham and Greenwich trust - Proact customer

Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust were faced with an increasing demand for services and were challenged in finding new ways to be more effective with the resources they had. Proact’s Clinical Workspace solution makes it possible for the Trust to deliver care at the point of need, with remote, real-time access to patient data from any device, anywhere.

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In recent years, there has been an increase in demand for medical imaging services, as scans are now used to identify a wider range of illnesses at an earlier stage. There is also a shortage of radiologists in many parts of the UK, including the north of England. These two issues are creating operational challenges for radiology departments all around the UK, and this was also the case at the Northern Care Alliance (NCA).

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We were able to double our capacity, from 600 to 1,200 users, overnight. There's no way we could have scaled so quickly if we hadn't already been on cloud"

Nurturing Strategic Relationships

For over 20 years Proact has worked at building and nurturing our strategic partnerships, introducing distinctive offerings tailored to your needs. We see the value in these collaborations and they empower us to deliver innovative and customer centric solutions for all our customers. 

Our Partners

Get ready to transform

Are you ready to transform? Our assessment services are geared towards investigating your current infrastructure and systems. Our experts will then work with you and your team to find and implement the best solutions to suit your organisation’s needs.

Workplace Transformation Assessment

Our two decades of experience will help you navigate your organisation to a new workspace architecture to ensure your staff are happy and engaged.

EPR Readiness Assessment

A tailored assessment to understand your trust’s pathway to and requirements for, an electronic patient record project.


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