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Healthcare data is growing exponentially each year. We are seeing more and more NHS Trusts moving from multiple terabytes into petabytes of data.

Several factors are driving this. The amount of patient data and media-rich content being stored is largely increasing. There are also vast improvements in the resolution of medical imaging. As well, there’s the push within the NHS to modernise and digitalise as much as possible.

The NHS’s digital-first approach, based on the What Good Looks Like (WGLL) framework, highlights that all systems should be cyber secure by design with secure and well-tested backups. In today’s hybrid cloud model, data is more likely to be spread across on-premises and cloud-based solutions. This means different technology capabilities and skills are needed to adequately protect data.

On top of all this, cybercriminals are actively targeting backup environments to increase the effectiveness of ransomware attacks. This means a new and more holistic approach to data protection is needed.


Proact Healthcare Solutions offers a number of solutions to help you meet modern data protection requirements. We can take the burden of protecting your most critical patient data, no matter where it is located. Backed by our 24×7 Network and Security Operations Centres, we provide a technology and process air-gap which ensures you have comprehensive protection against system failures and lateral movement of threat actors.

Secure Architectures

Data protection is a defensive, in-depth conversation and starts with the design of the primary platform used to store and process data. Building a secure architecture with technical, identity and process separation can significantly reduce the impact of any attack.

Our expert teams have extensive experience in creating secure by design architectures, drawing experience from some of the most secure sectors in the UK. By combining a secure design with our backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) services, you can minimise the impact of any incident and ensure continued patient care.

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Proact Healthcare Solutions can help with securing your backup environment so that should the worst happen, you are still able to recover from any incident.

We’ll proactively manage your backup environment, take action and make recommendations to protect your business data. We offer a wide range of backup options so we can work with you to implement and manage your data protection needs, whether it’s in a local data centre, a cloud service or in SaaS services, such as Office 365.

As well, we can provide a secure off-site backup repository with protection built-in to recover deleted items. We’ll secure your data so that at least one target you write to is immutable and, preferably, in an off-site location separate from your infrastructure, such as a cloud target.

  • Improve your data backup – We work with the best technologies and best practice systems and processes to help you securely back up your data
  • Access to flexible services – You choose what you want to back up and where
  • Gain peace of mind – Your data is held off-site on a platform in a secure data centre, while our systems and processes comply with standards, such as ISO27001. We also provide an air-gapped off-site target, a secure location for your most critical dat

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

We provide our customers with a fully tested DR solution, allowing you to recover quickly. Whether your data is in your data centre, in our Clinical Hybrid Cloud platform (link to Clinical Hybrid Cloud prop) or in the public cloud, our fully-managed service will ensure you can continue to deliver patient care.

  • Gain peace of mind – We’ll regularly test your data recovery and have a validated recovery plan
  • Flexible service – We can protect your data, regardless of platform, technology or location
  • Save money – Our affordable DRaaS allows you to nrecover without the need for an expensive second site
  • Increase your resilience – Should the worst happen, we’ll help you recover rapidly following the loss of your primary systems or a ransomware attack
  • Enhance your business continuity – You can be safe in the knowledge that your data and systems are fully recoverable off-site

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