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The final layer of defence Operational Resilience

A security posture that doesn’t just rely on resilience – protect your organisation’s assets whilst mitigating risk. 

Ensure Operational Resilience

Cyberattacks that are designed to destroy, steal or otherwise compromise your valuable data – including your backups –are increasing in frequency and severity. Protecting your critical data and recovering it with assured integrity is key to resuming normal business operations post-attack.

  • Increased Brand Value –  Safeguarding sensitive data and protecting against cyber threats
  • Improved Ability to Recover – Protecting your brand from reputational damage
  • Efficient Implantation – Reducing exposure to threats and enabling organizations to adapt quickly to evolving security challenges.
  • Lower Regulatory Risk -Increased operational agility and flexibility by reducing the resources and time needed to maintain compliance

Resilience enhancement

Utilise hybrid cloud solutions to increase flexibility and reduce risks.

Downtime mitigation

Restore critical data and applications quickly in case of a disaster, minimising business impact.

Compliance assurance

Keep your business compliant with regulations and avoid potential legal issues.

Improve data protection

Be able to protect and recover data in case of accidental deletion, data corruption or cyberattacks.

Hybrid Cloud proficiency

Back up and recover your data regardless of platform, technology or location.

Team augmentation

Have experts manage your backup and DR, letting your team focus on business-critical development.

Compliance and Regulations

Ensure your business is compliant with regulations and avoid potential legal issues. Find out which organisations will be affected.


Any organisation with over 50 employees and an annual turnover of €10M+, as well as any organisation included in the original NIS Directive. Scope is also increased to include the electronic communications and digital services industries.

While the legislation applies to the EU primarily, UK businesses need to prepare for the likely implementation of either the NIS 2 requirement, or a UK modified version.


Banks and financial institutions, including must ensure their own compliance to DORA and also take steps to verify the DORA compliance of any provider that handles digital financial data.

Banks must ensure their own compliance to DORA and also take steps to verify the DORA compliance of any provider that handles digital financial data.

FCA CP19/32

Building Operational Resilience affects UK banks, building societies, Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) designated investment firms, Solvency II firms, Recognised Investment Exchanges (RIEs), Enhanced scope Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SM&CR) firms and entities authorised or registered under the Payment Services Regulations 2017 (PSRs 2017) and/or the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (EMRs 2011).

Why Proact?

Anytime, any data, anywhere — regardless of your platform, ensure swift and secure protection, backup, and recovery of your data.

Protecting business data is complex. We understand that each organisation has very different business protection needs — that’s why our teams will spend time with you, reviewing your requirements at a technical and business level. After this, we can design a solution or service that not only meets your business and technical requirements today but will also give your organisation the flexibility to grow and change with your market.

The Proact 7 step approach to Operational Resilience

Our simple seven-step approach will help your organisation reach compliance, correctly and efficiently respond to a cyber attacks.


Assess the risks and vulnerabilities to your organisation's data and systems, identify critical assets and data, and determine the recovery objectives and strategies.


Establish a robust backup strategy that includes regular, secure backups of critical data, systems, and applications, both on-site and offline.

Detect & Notify

The organisation should have a mechanism to detect any cyber-attack or data breach, and a notification process that involves alerting all necessary stakeholders, including IT and security teams, management and customers.

Contain & Recover

Once the attack has been detected, it is crucial to contain the damage and prevent it from spreading further. This may involve isolating the affected systems, shutting down critical applications and starting the recovery process.


After the attack has been contained, an investigation should be conducted to determine the cause, scope, and impact of the attack. This will help to identify any additional risks, vulnerabilities, or gaps in the organisation's security and recovery plans.


The organisation should then implement remediation measures to address any identified weaknesses or gaps, such as implementing new security measures, patching vulnerabilities, or improving staff training and awareness.


The final step is to restore critical systems and data from the backup and ensure that they are secure and functional. This may involve testing and validating the backup data and systems, as well as conducting additional security testing to ensure that the organisation is fully protected.

Maximise backup efficiency by leveraging hybrid cloud

We offer a range of backup solutions and services for your business requirements. So whether you prefer to have your backup in your data centres, in any of our data centres or in the public cloud, we can meet your needs.

A hybrid cloud approach allows you to utilise the best of all worlds by combining the benefits of on-premises backup with the advantages of cloud-based backup. With a hybrid cloud backup solution, you can choose which data to back up and where to store it — allowing your organisation to achieve improved redundancy and flexibility whilst optimising costs and meeting regulatory requirements. Having backups in multiple locations can also ensure data is protected in the event of a disaster or outage, and at the same time provides geographic redundancy. 

Data Centre Unplugged: Podcast

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Episode 4:

Preparing for new legislation: What NIS2 and DORA mean for Operational Resilience

06 February 2024 | 47 min

New DORA and NIS2 legislation changes offer a critical chance for organisations to revise their cyber security strategies; ensuring they have end-to-end resiliency, while enhancing client and staff satisfaction, and ultimately ensuring against financial loss. It’s no longer ok, to rely on your security posture to keep you safe from cyber attacks – you must be able to recover. You must be Operationally Resilient. You must do so by October 2024..

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Our recovery solutions

We offer Backup as a Service (BaaS), a comprehensive solution designed to safeguard a wide range of environments including private cloud setups, hybrid infrastructures, Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, and various cloud-based services.

Our BaaS solution ensures the security and integrity of your data across diverse platforms, providing peace of mind and continuity for your business operations.

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Achieve peace of mind with our support and Service Management

Our Service Management enables your organisation to adopt new technology without having to invest in new skills. Instead of managing infrastructure, your IT department can thus focus on adding value to your organisation in other ways. This offering includes:

Maximise the full potential of Proact hybrid cloud (PHC)

Proact Hybrid Cloud (PHC) enables easy connection to public clouds as well as your on-premises infrastructure. By selecting the most suitable cloud for each of your workloads, you can unlock hybrid cloud and benefit from performance where you need it most.

Access world-class SOC and SEEM services

Our 24/7 SOC services fill any gaps in resources, skills and technology to provide around-the-clock cyber defence. Proact has over a decade of experience delivering 24/7 security services to organisations across Europe from its UK-based Security Operations Centres.


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