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Professional Services

Modernise your IT infrastructure with well-established processes and assistance from experienced professionals. 

Propel your digital transformation forward 

Full-spectrum expertise 

Access our extensive experience in creating infrastructures for on-premises solutions and managed, public or hybrid cloud. 

Run projects more efficiently

Save time and costs on your project with our proven tooling, processes and pre-build functionality.

Flexible management

Decide whether the new functionality should be managed by Proact or your own IT department. 

Unburden your IT team

Concentrate on your fundamental business functions, rather than spending time and resources on IT infrastructure management. 

Rely on fixed deliverables 

Know you can expect fixed functionality, price and timeframes in any project you undertake with us. 

Heightened security 

Implement best practices and protocols to enhance your defences and mitigate cyber threats.

Empower your business growth with a reliable partner

We understand that migrations – not to mention entire infrastructure modernisations – can be daunting for a business to take on alone. At Proact, we have a track record of thousands of successfully completed projects. Still, we know every organisation is unique, which is why we’ll work closely with your business to create a plan tailored to your specific requirements. 

Our Professional Services deliver efficient and high-quality projects. We achieve this by using project standards, tooling and experienced staff — resulting in significant time and cost savings. We also ensure that the new functionality is ready to be managed by either our team or your IT department.   

Our projects unburden your organisation at the highest level, enabling them to focus on their core business. Additionally, we offer fixed functionality, price, and time projects to ensure you know exactly what to expect.  

Why Proact?

Because the pace of technological change is so rapid, IT estates are constantly evolving. They’re subject to a constant cycle of updates, assessments and optimisation. But performing all these tasks in-house is resource intensive. 

At Proact, we offer flexible professional services as well as fixed sets of deliverables for fixed investments — giving you clarity, transparency and certainty around your project or assignment. 

Ensure efficient, stress-free modernisation of your organisation’s IT. Contact us to get started using our Professional Services. 

Our Professional Services solutions 

We deliver Professional Services throughout all stages of your transformation journey and all areas of our portfolio. And naturally, we’ll deliver them in the deployment model that suits you: on-premises, your data centre, our data centre, public cloud or hybrid cloud.

Extensive knowledge of a diverse range of products

Our team of Professional Services experts are well-versed in the latest technologies available. So no matter your preferred vendor, we have the expertise to help you optimise your IT infrastructure.

Leverage the expertise of Europe's top market specialists

Regardless of where you are, partnering with us means access to top-rated skills from all over Europe within minutes.

So whether you’d like to talk to a specialist for security, public cloud, networking, database, or another specific technology  — there is always an expert close by to help your business achieve its goals.


Proact’s team provided us with a solution that could bring us more efficiency and a migration that ran smoothly. Proact immediately offered us an implementation plan which included all the steps that had to be taken — this was convenient for us."


one of our specialists