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Support, monitoring and management services

Flexible support to keep your business systems on track – 24/7, 365 days a year.

Keep your IT estate up and running

Rely on a single point of contact

Benefit from one partner that manages your support case with all vendors – up to 24/7.

Minimise business impact

Direct local access to spare parts, reducing negative effects on the business resulting from an incident.

Access your own service portal

Quickly report incidents, raise requests and follow support case progress.

Solve incidents before they happen

Proactively identifying potential risks — thus solving them before they occur.

Reduce expenses

Eliminate the need for round-the-clock support from your IT team.

Alleviate staffing shortages

Hand over operational responsibility and be relieved of the burden of managing day-to-day operations.

Why Proact?

Today’s IT environments are complex. This has far-reaching implications when it comes to how they are monitored and managed – and to the support that’s required when something goes wrong.

With Proact, you will access our 30 years of experience helping customers secure business-critical data.

We’ll allocate specialists to manage and resolve an incident within an agreed SLA. You will also gain access to our spare-part warehouses across Europe.

With our add-on monitoring services, you can add yet another layer of intelligent and proactive monitoring with alerts of potential incidents or issues in the environment.

If preferred, we can even take over the full management of your infrastructure as a managed service — allowing you to re-allocate your resources for projects that drive business value.

Know you’re covered up to 24/7, 365 days a year — with our award-winning Premium Support, our smart monitoring services or our full Service Management options.

A single point of contact will quickly allocate specialised experts to resolve incidents up to 24/7, while coordinating with multiple vendors to minimize business impact. We take ownership of the issue and work with your team to secure a resolution.

Upgrade to premium or direct vendor support with monitoring — freeing up even more time to focus on your business. Our experts will monitor your environment, provide alerts and take over fault coordination for high-priority alerts.

Saving you the most time and effort: With Service Management, you can rely on us to handle patching, upgrades, changes, deployment, skill gaps, release management and analysis — in an “as a Service” model connected to an SLA.


…[T]he fact that we had a lot of hardware made by other vendors was not a problem for [Proact]. They solved any issues we had without sending us from pillar to post. A single point of contact like that gets to know the environment, which makes the collaboration very efficient"


one of our specialists